"After doing my degree in photography I did a Redeye workshop which was run by AJ, he gave me some great advice and guidance that helped me develop my work outside the university environment and bridge the gap to the 'real world'."   Murray Ballard

Blackshed is a creative platform instigated by Aj. Wilkinson to mentor photographers and artists to create new work in an innovative, independent learning environment.

Aj Wilkinson is an educator and activist who provokes thought. He is a published photographer who exhibits widely, nationally and internationally. He has worked in more traditional educational settings for over 20 years and has previously run photography workshops through The Impressions Gallery and Redeye Photography Network.

Blackshed welcomes anyone inspired by the medium of photography, of any technical ability or experience. A friendly, informal and stimulating learning environment is guaranteed. There will be space and time for you to share ideas with like minded individuals, learn new skills and create a body of work without the constraints of a more formal educational environment. You will leave inspired, more confident and part of a growing network of independent visual artists.

For more information on Blackshed's work, to discuss employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

Take a look at past workshop portfolio's Blackshed 15-18

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