Tony O'Keeffe

'Adjusted Postcards'.2017 Having looked at CCTV for images that appear to represent genuine, authentic, uncontrived examples of human behaviour, I turned to search for a more physical archive (as opposed to Google’s digital form) to draw from and change physically.

Photoshop allows us to alter imagery unblemished or invisibly. I like the idea that the postcards are ‘obviously’ changed/altered by hand and not by machine- with guile not technology.

Jason Howgate

The Ardtornish estate was one of the first to adopt the agricultural policy that lead to the clearances. The steading not shown in the drawing was at the forefront of the industrialisation of the landscape.

Michael McGinley

'Functional Ecology'.
A photographic record of the ecology of habitat / communication systems in the North of England 2015-17.


 'Lilac' A selection of images from a body of work, which explores the memories held within the family home. 

"Memories of former dwelling places are relived as day-dreams these dwelling-places of the past remain in us for all the time" Gaston Bachelard 

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